Art earlier included only painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry, with drama and dance. But, today art involves film, photography, conceptual art, and printmaking. Fine art students require lot of conceptual, creative and practical training skills. This field offer number of job opportunities to the students in the form of Fine artist, Further education lecturer, Museum/gallery curator, Secondary school teacher, Arts administrator, Commercial art gallery manager and Multimedia programmer. High salary packages with number of opportunities. Many colleges have graduate, PG and PHD programs for the students. An artist is given a special place in any professional firm.


A bachelor’s degree in any stream will also do. There are various subjects that you can opt for. A 10+2 education is the eligibility to enter this profession with arts as the main stream. This profession is also the creative and innovative profession or stream in India.

How to become Artist

By clearing all these examinations, you can then take admissions in various colleges and universities. Artist can work alone or in groups. They can also work in various other related professions. Graphic designers also can work with various firms and industries. Firm determination to work against all the odds, self-belief, technical ability and willingness to work in long hours are all sorts of qualities that are needed to become an artist.

Job profile of Artist

  • Working on the development of new ideas and innovations.
  • Understanding client’s desires and wishes
  • Meeting the deadlines
  • Maintenance of the portfolios.
  • Organising and arranging for the tasks
  • Assigning responsibilities and duties
  • Ability to work against all the odds
  • Visiting various different locations
  • Organising of work galleries.

Salary Range for Artist

The pay scale given to the artist varies with the variation in the industry standards.

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