Event management course or profession is the most lucrative and bright profession. Event managers are paid as per their events. Event managers arrange event and plan everything for the parties. There are number of job opportunities as event managers. Various event such as:- functions, sports day celebrations, followed by college and university level festivals. In this area of interest there are meeting, engagements and weddings exhibitions, marketing campaigns and conferences held every time. The event management field is very bright and provides number of job opportunities. An event manager has to work with number of other professionals to build a strong bond and bring innovation in the lives of people.


To be an event manager, you must have a bachelor’s degree in any stream. This profession is the most rewarding and highly loved profession in times. A PG degree in the same profession will also be very helpful. An MBA in public relation field can too be very interesting. This profession takes courage and abilities to work 24*7. A manager should have good communication skills and strong decision making skills to react and make decisions at various situations. This is the most creative and innovative profession in India.

How to become Event Manager

After taking a PG degree in the same profession, you are supposed to work on the different elements and themes of various units. This is the most lovable profession in India. A master’s in the same profession will also be very helpful. Graduates having excellent creativity and innovative techniques are required in this profession.

Job profile of Event Manager

  • Making and arranging of events, conferences and meetings.
  • Calculation of budgets and managing of various other financial assests.
  • Managing and maintain staff for coordinating events and programs
  • Permitting various brand endorsements.
  • Booking of different venues and locations Mixing innovation and creativity together.
  • Marketing and advertising your events and programs
  • Working as a team leader Coordinating with the team members.
  • Making decisions at difficult times.

Salary Range for Event Manager

The pay scale depends on the event that has been carried out. Generally, the pay scale starts from 50,000 of an event and it goes on increasing with the increase of the function and how long the program is.

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