A radio jockey is a person or an individual who host a radio talk show. He / she can perform work on programming, scripting, giving voices and doing audio magazines and documentaries. The pay scale provided to them is as per their show standard. Colleges and universities also provide various RJ courses. There are enormous job opportunities provided to the freshers and experienced. A bachelor’s degree in the same discipline will also work. Good communication skills and presentation skills are also needed to be a RJ. An RJ can work with various organizations and radio stations. This is the most rewarding and interesting career one can choose from. This profession changes the dynamics and living standard of any people.


As such there is no eligibility criterion. People can take this profession after their 10+2 stream. Various certified courses from recognized universities will also be very helpful.

How to become Radio Jockey

Anyone who desires to enter this profession can easily enter this stream. There are lots of skills that are required such as:-Attractive speaking voice, Excellent communication skills, Working in team as a team leader, Good organizational skills, Highly creative and innovative techniques are also essential.

Job profile of Radio Jockey

  • Ability to work at any time.
  • Bringing good concepts and innovation in the work.
  • Anchoring done should be very attractive.
  • Able to write new scripts.
  • They have to lend voices in various advertisements and programs.
  • Updated with the latest frequency modulation techniques.

Salary Range for Radio Jockey

The salary given to the freshers, starts from Rs 10000 and it exceeds till Rs 50,000 a month. The salary also increases with their experience. People can work in various radio stations and industries. This is the most wanted profession in India.

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