The study of planetary motions of heavenly bodies and their impact on the individual’s is all about astrology. An individual who specializes in this discipline is said to be an astrologer. An astrologer is responsible to study the motions of all the objects outside the earth. An astrologer is a scientist who uses computer software tools and birth date and time to study and predict to make relevant research and development of the celestial impact on the human beings. A bachelor’s degree in astrology research and development with a master’s degree and a PHd in the same discipline will be helpful. After completion of graduation and PG, training for 6 years will also be very helpful. The pay scale given is high.


To become an astrologist, students should have a bachelor’s degree in the same profession. A Post graduation in the same field astrology will also be very helpful. Students having interest in this profession are highly welcomed. An astrologer needs to study and predict the human behavior and to predict the things that will occur in the future and accordingly, provide solutions and guidance to the problems and questions.

How to become Astrologer

A diploma in astrology is very helpful along with many certified courses will be the additional advantage. Students get to have knowledge on this subject from various institutes and firm. Students are also taught this subject in their colleges. Students can take this as a profession of interest. Good communication skills, good knowledge of the subject, excellent analytic skills, correct predictions and fast calculative skills are also essential along with this efficient knowledge of the subject to train the students and provide guidance is given at most priority.

Job profile of Astrologer

  • The key responsibility of an astrology is to have good calculative and future prediction skills to predict the past and present things.
  • The key responsibility of an astrologist is to provide solutions and answers to the questions of the clients.
  • The key responsibility of an astrologist is to work on research and development strategies.
  • The key responsibility of an astrologist is to work with number of other discipline professionals too.
  • The key responsibility of an astrologist is to study the planetary motion of the objects and their study and the impact on the individuals.

Salary Range for Astrologer

The starting salary of an astrologer starts from Rs 20,000-25,000 per month. It also goes on increasing with the increase in the experience, post and position

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