The study of planetary motions of heavenly bodies is all about astronomy. An individual who specializes in this discipline is said to be an astronaut. An astronomer is responsible to study the motions of all the objects outside the earth. An astronomer is a scientist who uses computer software tools and telescope to make relevant research and development in this sphere. A bachelor’s degree in scientific research and development and engineering and a PHd in the same discipline will be helpful. After completion of graduation and PG, training for 6 years will also be very helpful. The pay scale given is high.


To become an astronomer, a person should have good percentile or good scores in 10+2 with the required subjects like:- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The age criteria to enter this stream should be minimum 17 years .

How to become Astronomer

There are 2 ways to enter this stream. An individual interested in doing instrumentation or experimental engineering should go with engineering as the option. Second option is, if one interested to work on the theoretical concepts can take science stream. Opting for instrumentation engineering, students are supposed to take BE/Btech in any field. And then doing PHd will be very helpful. Students taking 2nd option as their profession have to take science stream with honors as their major discipline in various subjects, followed by Phd programs.

Job profile of Astronomer

  • The key responsibility of an astronomer is to work on the studies and make researches on studying the planetary motions of objects and celestial bodies.
  • The key responsibility of an astronomer is to work on programming strategies.
  • The key responsibility of an astronomer is to make good research in Physics subject.
  • The key responsibility of an astronomer is to work on designing of various instrumentation techniques of different wavelengths space objects.
  • The key responsibility of an astronomer is to work on publication of various observation papers.

Salary Range for Astronomer

The salary of an astronomer can start from Rs 50,000 per month. It goes on increasing with the increase in job experience and position.

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