An optometrist is a person responsible for checking the eyes, defects in eyes and to examine general health of an individual. An optometrist deals with offering glasses and contact lenses to an individual. A bachelor’ degree in medicine and a training and supervision in the equivalent degree would also do. An Optometrist requires good communication skills, problem-solving skills and taking tough and hard decisions at times. There are enormous job opportunities as optometrists. Various colleges provide these courses and subjects to study. Training and scholarships are also given to the students. The pay scale is given on the basis of industry standards.


To become an optometrist, one should posses a bachelor’s degree in the same profession. To enter this profession, one should have a 10+2 education with 60% marks. The age criteria should be 18 years.

How to become Optometrist

By clearing the entrance examination, you can enter this profession with interest. The entrance exam consists of EYECET examination. There is one more option to enter this profession. You can also take admission in the 3rd year diploma course by having a two year diploma in optometry or various other relevant subject.

Job profile of Optometrist

  • The key responsibility is to examine and the treatment of the eyes of the patients.
  • The key responsibility is to update records of their patients.
  • The key responsibility is to work in teams as a team member.
  • The key responsibility is to cure vision and their relevant problems in patients.
  • The key responsibility is to deal with the prevention of eye care strategies of the patients.
  • The key responsibility is to organize and arrange for the health care camps.

Salary Range for Optometrist

The salary given to the optometrist starts from Rs 10,000-15,000. It goes on increasing with the increase in the experience and the position.

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