Scientists are said to work on the concepts of research and development strategies. Scientist combines the science and technology aspects making way to improve the problems technological aspects. A scientist is paid Rs 10000-15000 as their starting stipend. Scientist who are specializing in the areas of basic sciences, economics, social science as well as civil and electrical engineers have a very bright future. Making research and development in the same stream is the key role of the scientist. A graduate bachelor’s degree will do. Physics, chemistry and biology are the basic subjects taught. Scientists are been demanded in each and every part of India.


To become a scientist the eligibility criteria is 10+2 with an equivalent 50% marks in Physics and Maths stream. The age criteria or the age limitation is 16 years . A bachelor’s degree in any stream will be helpful. After taking the bachelor’s degree a Pg degree or diploma in the same stream will be helpful.

How to become Scientist

Joining good training institutes after 10+2 and doing certified courses will be very helpful. There are various institutes that provide training as well as degree courses to become environmental scientist. A master’s and a PHd degree in the same stream is also beneficial to become a scientist. A scientist is paid very high.

Job profile of Scientist

  • The key responsibility of a scientist is to work on the solving and dealing with the problems of technological aspects.
  • The key responsibility of a scientist is to work on the research and development strategies.
  • The key responsibility of an environmental scientist is to work on new techniques and strategies of solving problems.
  • The key responsibility of a scientist is to work in various government and private sectors.
  • The key responsibility of a scientist should work on wider varieties of subjects and concepts and should posses excellent spirit to save the environment from the problems .

Salary Range for Scientist

They can work with many government and non-government firms and organisations. The scientist can earn Rs 50,000 to Rs 90,000 as their starting salary.

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