Nutrition and Dietetics is a basic discipline of science focusing on the diet and nutritional supplements of an individual. A good balance diet has always helped an individual to improve the standard of health. Dieticians work with Physicians and assist them in making and increasing the healthy and dietary supplements of the individuals. Colleges and universities also offer this course as a course of interest for the students and candidates. A dietician can earn Rs 10,000-15,000 per month. You can also work in clinics, hospitals and health centers. A bachelor’s degree in this discipline will also be very helpful.


The eligibility criterion to become a dietician is the 10+2 education in the science stream. Then, you are supposed to join BSC in Nutrition or food technology that comprises of a 4 year course. The main criteria required here is 10+2 education with 60% eligibility criteria.

How to become Dietician

Students interested to take this profession should undergo qualification of the entrance exam. The entrance exam is an objective type exam, primarily meant to contain subjects like:-Physics, Chemistry, biology and home science as the subjects. Seeking admissions in the reputed colleges and universities will also be very helpful. You can make study the following subjects like:- BSC in Home science, BSC in nutrition, BE in food technology. After the completion of the course, the students are given degree from Medical Council of India. After this you can do an year internship in the same profession.

Job profile of Dietician

A dietician is a person, who specializes in the food and nutrition habits of the individuals. They promote good health strategies of the individuals. They are supposed to work on the health and nutritional habits of the individuals. They can work in hospitals, clinics, health care units and various other different segments.

Salary Range for Dietician

The pay scale given to the individuals start from Rs 15000-20,000 for the new comers. This also goes on increasing with the increase in position and experience.

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