An army officer is the member of the armed forces in India with special authority and powers. They are said to be the special commanding officers in general. Life as an army officer is very rewarding. They are given special authorities and responsibilities to carry forward their position in the army. Commanding officers receive training and leadership. They are responsible for assure safety defend country against the foreign attacks. They have various responsibilities and duties to carry forward their position. They have various skills, techniques and achievements to move high and are offered with range of job opportunities.


Graduates from any discipline can fill the application forms. This profession also opens doors for the science, engineering and technology students to offer technical skills in the same profession.PG can be a surplus advantage if added to the application form of the candidates.

How to become Army Officer

After given the entrance exams, you are required to crack various Physical and mental fitness exams which also includes medical assessments. The candidates are tested on the ability to work under pressures and to work as a team. The age criterion is expected to be 21 years with the perfect vision of eyes. You should also be very keen in knowing the operations of present and past.

Job profile of Army Officer

There are various duties and responsibilities as an army officer. You are suppose to perform the following tasks and duties:

  • Identifying various objectives and assessing various ways of achieving targets;
  • Training and developing subordinates and bringing them to a high state of operational readiness;
  • Keeping ships, weapons and other equipment operational within your known limits.
  • Imparting training and development to the subordinates.
  • The key role is to take responsibility for your own personal and professional development.

Salary Range for Army Officer

The superior army officers are paid Rs 65,0000 per month. As a new comer the salary starts from Rs 10,000-15,000 per month.

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