A navy officer is designated to work for the commercial shipping industry, cargo industries, cruise ships, oil and gas carriers etc. Merchant navy officers re the people who work for the development of our nation. They can work as managers and leaders and also in various other organizations. This profession opens doors for number of job opportunities and strong job prospects. This sector has shown a tremendous increase since 2000. This sector is mainly opened for people who are interested to make their career and self-identity. The person has to work near the sea areas. Shifts conducted are usually for hours that is 8 hours of shifts are given.


The eligibility requirement is a bachelor’ s degree in engineering or btech. A bachelor’s degree in the equivalent field will also do. Opportunities in this field are tremendous. You are destined to work in the strict atmosphere. Rules and regulations have always been a priority. Even if you are interested in continuing your education with the work, number of shipping companies offers various educational courses to the individuals. So, you can learn and earn too. The entrance examination is too be cracked first. Later, are the various interviews and tests that are to be cracked.

How to become Navy Officer

A written examination is to be cracked first. Upon qualification, you are called for the final examination. Personality test and physical fitness test are to be given later. So, upon clearing all these exams, you are then called for the final interview. Training followed by internships is all the part of this examination.

Job profile of Navy Officer

  • The key responsibility is to navigate the vessel using a range of satellite and various other equipments.
  • The key responsibility is checking weather and making the navigation reports.
  • The key responsibility is the coordination of the staff.
  • The key responsibility is supervising the operation and maintenance of deck machinery.
  • The key responsibility is maintaining legal and operational records.
  • The key responsibility is the maintenance of ship communication system.
  • The key responsibility is keeping up to date with developments in the marine engineering field.
  • The key responsibility is management of power and various other fuels.

Salary Range for Navy Officer

The pay pocket given to a navy officer starts from the pay scale of Rs 10,000 per month. It goes high till 90,000Rs with the increase in post and position.

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