Yoga is one of the most essential body necessities for an individual. Appropriate body movements and shape are today’s requirements, Yoga is said to be the soul and heart of our body. Yoga courses are made available in colleges, institutes, schools and various other areas. Offices and corporate world as promote this course. After getting acquainted with this concept, you can be a yoga trainer. You can also join number of institutes to promote this course. Yoga is today said the necessity of an individual. It is the way to cure various diseases and body ailments. Being a yoga teacher is one of the most lucrative career aspects in India.


To become a yoga teacher, students should have a bachelor’s degree in the same profession. A Post graduation in the same field of yoga or physical fitness will also be very helpful. Yoga trainer can work in various multinational organizations and various other organizations.

How to become Yoga Teacher

A diploma in yoga with various certified courses will also be very helpful. Students can take this as a profession of interest. Good communication skills, good knowledge of the subject, Ability to be well versed with the different types of yoga and their effects on the body will be helpful. Proper knowledge to train the students and provide guidance to them is an essential element to become a yoga teacher.

Job profile of Yoga Teacher

  • The key responsibility of a yoga teacher is to have good knowledge on different types of Yoga.
  • The key responsibility of a yoga teacher is study the effects of yoga and exercises.
  • The key responsibility of a yoga teacher is to have brief knowledge of the subjects like:-meditation and number of excercises.
  • The key responsibility of a yoga teacher is to work on the different methods and provide guidance on new exercises and Yoga.

Salary Range for Yoga Teacher

The starting salary of Yoga teacher starts from Rs 10,000-15,000 per month. It also goes on increasing with the increase in the experience, post and position.

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