Engineers are recruited by the training and placement officers in large multinationals or you can also start your own firms. They love to deal with manufacture, designing, development and constructions of buildings and other related areas. The pay scale given to the architecture engineers are Rs 15000 and it moves high as the experience increases. Internship programs and training programs are also started by the universities and colleges for the engineers. Good communication skills and huge potentials are the qualities required by the architects in dealing with their clients.


The eligibility criterion to become an engineer in any stream is 10+2 in science stream, with 50% marks in the same stream by clearing entrance examinations. After clearing entrance exam, you can take admissions in the top colleges.

How to become Engineer

By appearing in the entrance tests, you can easily take admissions in the top engineering and architecture colleges. The admissions are taken on your grades and percentile in the 10+2 stream.

Job profile of Engineer

You can work in large firms or multinationals. You are destined certain position and post in the organizations. You are also paid very heavily. Designing, implementation etc are all sorts of activities an engineer has to perform. There are different professions depending upon the work or job profile as an engineer or architect. For Eg:- The job as leather technologists is to supervise operatives (workers) in the industry, researching, testing and sampling chemicals, dyes and products in the laboratory. The leather technologist is paid Rs 10,000-20,000 a month. Leather technologist can work with large MNCs or various other areas, Instrumentation engineering can also work in the areas like:- steel, petrochemical, power and defence production,system dynamics, industrial instrumentation and analytical and bio-medical instrumentation and robotics. Their starting salary as an instrumental engineer is Rs 15000-20000. Instrumental engineering is all about learning advanced science and technology disciplines. This field is unique and new in engineering. This industry in the coming years will grow in wider areas and scope etc.

Salary Range for Engineer

The pay scale given to an engineer or an architect is Rs 10,000-15,000 per month and it exceeds with the increase in post and position.

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