This field has brought glamour and fame since years and it will continue till years. Modeling professionals are needed in bollywood industry either to endorse their brands or products or to walk the ramp for displaying beautiful creations of fashion designers. There are number of job opportunities as well as openings for all. This field provides handsome pay scales. Students or candidates can enter the field of acting, doing television serials, joining bollywood or doing ramp shows. Various colleges and universities have also started this as their profession. Even colleges too conduct fashion shows to enhance the personalities of the individuals.


There is as such no eligibility. People have to only make portfolios while entering this profession. The portfolio consists of various photographs that are taken by the professional photographers. This portfolio then can be shared with many experienced agencies and advertising firms.

How to become Model

Another way to enter this profession is by taking part in various beauty contests and personality shows. Cosmetic advertisements can also take you to the shows. Various colleges and certified institutes provide these courses. Trainings and internships are also given to the people. Training programs help the individuals to impart education on various styles and make-ups. The height should be of 5 feet 6 inches for the girls. Boys should be 6 feet 6 inches in height.

Job profile of Model

The responsibilities of model are:

  • Performing catwalks
  • Should be able to pose for photographers
  • Acting or delivering the lines in various TV commercials and shows
  • Should be able to do live-modeling
  • Should be able to do promotional modeling
  • Walking in fashion shows and photographic studios
  • Working effectively with the clients and photographers

Salary Range for Model

The pay scale depends on the industry standards. It is generally based on per show and the way the industry or the organization wants to pay the models.

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