If you are a travelling lover, then this field is meant especially for you. Travel and tourism sector has a strong contribution in the economical and financial aid of our country. The job of tourism and travelling manager is to arrange for sight-seeing, organizing tours and arranging for cabs and transportation . This field is very unique and requires very active individuals. You can work as:- travel agents, reservations consultants, hotel staff and a executive positions. The pay scale is as per the tourism standards. Good communication skills and good customer services are need by the people to work in this industry.


Passing of secondary examinations with good results and marks is the first eligibility criteria. Cracking of the entrance examinations is the first eligibility criteria. These exams are mostly conducted in the month of June and July. After the completion of a degree course, you have to study different subjects. The entrance tests are conducted by the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TOURISM AND TRAVEL.

How to become Travel Agent

By cracking these entrance tests, one can appear for the degree course. A PG in the same profession will also be very helpful. After doing this, one can join travel agencies, Hotels and various other sectors. This profession talks much about the domestic and international tours.

Job profile of Travel Agent

A travel agent is the one, who should have in-depth knowledge of outside services and responsibilities in India. A travel agent has to be specific with the duties and responsibilities. He has to function 24*7 to provide the best services and duties. This sector has opened number of job opportunities. People nowadays require more leisure time. So, this profession is mostly for them who love to travel and make others to travel too.

Salary Range for Travel Agent

The salary provided to the travel agents starts from Rs 10,000 . It goes on increasing with the increase in their experience and position.

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