The main task of a freelancer writer is to create documents and manuals for the organizations. They work for the organizations having technology as their strongest backbone. This is the most rewarding and creative field in the industry. At the same time you can also write various blogs and articles as a field of your interest. Colleges and universities also provide this profession as a profession of interest for the students and candidates. The pay scale varies with the variation of industry standards. Technical writers can work with many different line professionals. They need to be creative and enthusiastic to write on various topics and subjects. Freelancer writers can work independently by working at their own places. They can complete as per their schedules.


A bachelor’s degree in engineering will be very helpful. A PG in the same stream will be also very beneficial. This stream is generally for the writers who love to express and write their opinions and thoughts briefly. Various institutes provide certified courses also.

How to become Free Lance Writer

Once you complete your degree course, you can join multinational organizations. Many industries provide job chances to the freshers. There are various posts that are given to the content developers. This includes:- Senior freelancer Writer, Junior freelancer writer, Article writer, Technical proposal writer, Business analyst writer etc.

Job profile of Free Lance Writer

  • Creation of manuals, articles, white papers, proposals etc.
  • Getting acquainted with the latest technology.
  • Writing researches on various topics
  • Working as per the client’s results.
  • Online advertisements of write ups.
  • Doing a brief research on various subjects and topics.
  • Catalyzing new areas of work
  • Changing the thinking perceptions of the people.
  • Generating awareness about the current scenarios.

Salary Range for Free Lance Writer

The pay scale given to the freelancer writers, generally for the freshers starts from Rs 10,000-15,000 and it goes on increasing with the increase in the experience and depending on their work.

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