This is the most important discipline of medical branch. Audiologists work on improving and making research and development on hearing problems. They provide solutions and work for the well-being of the patients. This profession has number of job opportunities for the freshers and experienced. They can work with private and government sectors too. Audiologists can work with Clinics, hospitals or can start their separate profession. A bachelor’s degree or an equivalent diploma in Audiology will also do. Audiologists are given special position in the hospitals and Clinics. They can earn a starting salary from Rs 15,000-20,000. This field requires freshers and experienced too.


A bachelor's degree in this profession will be very useful. Candidates also need a master’s degree in the same profession. Most hospitals need a Phd in the same profession. Apart from this, a license in the same field will be needed.

How to become Audiologist

Interested students need to complete the bachelor’s degree in the same profession. After this, they need to apply for the PG level of examination and complete the residency examination. Then they can apply for the license also. Students require many skills and techniques. They need to be firm determined to complete the job proceedings.

Job profile of Audiologist

  • Audiologist help in solving the hearing problems.
  • Audiologists help an individual to adapt their life without any hearing problems.
  • Managing and maintenance of large hospitals and clinics.
  • Working as a team coordinator.
  • Helping in treating and solving the problems of their patients.
  • Marketing their services is also the key elements of their jobs.

Salary Range for Audiologist

The salary given to the audiologists starts from Rs 10000-15,000 per month. It goes on increasing with the increase in experience and position. People making this as their profession can work in number of other streams too.

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