People interested in making their career in this field should have a good knowledge of heart related diseases; it’s functioning and various other things. Cardiologists need to study the heart health. This profession is said to be the highest paid profession in India. Colleges and universities too offer this course. But, this field requires hard-working skills, firm determination and good economical background. A bachelor’s degree in medicine with 3 years of internship and then you can enter this field. Cardiologists are given very special place in the medical field. A Cardiologist has to function and perform heart surgeries, provide medication on cardiac arrest and various other things.


In order to become a cardiologist , a person should have a M.D or D.O degree . There should be the completion of a four year residency in the same profession. People can also have a 3 year practice in the same profession. A cardiologist must then pass an oral and written examination. The written exam comprises of a full day research on the relevant topics. The oral exams also include assessing the actual examination through verbal skills.

How to become Cardiologist

A bachelor’s degree in medicine takes around 4 years with 4 years in the medicine profession. It also takes around 8 years to practice this profession. The total duration of this stream is total 8 years with 2 years of practice.

Job profile of Cardiologist

  • The key responsibility of a cardiologist is responsible in doing heart treatments and surgeries and curing their patients having heart related issues .
  • The key responsibility of a cardiologist is to examine the patient and his potential to withstand the surgery.
  • The key responsibility of a cardiologist is to work on new techniques and strategies of treating patients.
  • The key responsibility of a cardiologist is to work in various government and private hospitals.
  • The key responsibility of a cardiologist should work on wider varieties of subjects and concepts and should posses excellent spirit to do serve the country.

Salary Range for Cardiologist

They are said to work with council of doctors and Physicians. They can work in health care units, hospitals and Clinics. The cardiologist can earn Rs 45,000 to Rs 90,000 as their starting salary.

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