The tasks and duties are just similar to that of a Physician. They are responsible for treating and curing patients and taking good care of their patient’s health. This is said to be the hardest and most tuff job in India. Nurses are said to be the additional support in the doctor’s absence. Nurses are given many priorities. Most of the nurses get to start their career as the staff nurses. Nurses have to treat their patients and also impart training to the other staff members. The pay pocket of the nurses varies with the variation in the variation in the post and position.


The eligibility criterion to be a nurse is 10th education that is matriculation. Some universities also offer 10+2 education in science stream. There are various universities that promote and provide certified courses in India.

How to become How to become a Nurse

Job profile of How to become a Nurse

Responsibilities of this job are as follows

  • She helps in educating the nursing staff of all categories by conducting awareness programme on universal Precautions.
  • She helps in preparing budgets for nursing services.
  • She helps in counseling and giving guidance of sub-ordinate staff.
  • She helps in initiating and encouraging research work in nursing services.
  • She helps in maintaining cordial relations with patients and various other Medical Social workers.
  • She helps in for implementing hospital/centre policies amongst various nursing units and sections.

Salary Range for How to become a Nurse

The nurse is paid a starting salary of Rs 1500 and onwards.</p>

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