A medical lab technician is responsible to examine and check the body fluids and various fluids. There are various job opportunities in this field. The medical lab technician is responsible to carry forward the test and examinations in the subjects like:- Toxicology, Hematology, Immunology and various other subjects. The pay pocket of a medical lab technician starts from Rs 10,000 onwards. This sector has shown a drastic boom, since 2000. They can work in various health-care areas. A medical lab technician is said to make examinations based on various statistics and analysis. A medical lab technician is highly rewarding career with various job opportunities and responsibilities.


After taking graduation bachelor’s degree in various subjects, you can opt for a 2 year degree course in this stream. There are also 1 year certified courses in the field of medical lab technician.

How to become Medical Lab Technician

A certified training taken in the specialized stream will help you to work in various healthcare areas such as:- Hospitals, Clinics and multinational health care areas.

Job profile of Medical Lab Technician

The medical technician has to perform the work as listed:

  • He is responsible for keeping the laboratory and all equipment clean and safely.
  • He is responsible for collecting patient’s body fluids for testing and analysis.
  • He is responsible for performing blood count
  • He is responsible for blood tests for transfusion purposes.
  • He is responsible for preparing the laboratory equipment and specimens for tests

Salary Range for Medical Lab Technician

The pay package given to a medical lab technician is starts from Rs 10,000 and onwards and goes on exceeding with the increase in position and experience.

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