Pathologists are the people who work on studying the blood and urine samples on the patients. They work on tools with the other disciplines like:-Pharmacology, physiology and Nephrology. Colleges and universities also provide this course or subject as a course of interest for the students. The pay scale given to them is as per the industry standards. They can work with different discipline people too. A bachelor’s degree in medicine or bachelor’s degrees in the equivalent field will also do. Students are also given trainings. There are reputed firms and institutes that provide students the knowledge of respective subjects. Students interested in working on research and development strategies are highly welcomed.


To become a pathologist, students should have a bachelor’s degree in the same profession. A Post graduation in the same field of pathology will also be very helpful. Specializing in this stream and continuing your education in the same field or profession is beneficial.

How to become Pathologist

A diploma in pathology is very helpful. Students get to have knowledge on this subject from the college days. Students are taught this subject in the standard 10 and 12 as well. Students can take this as a profession of interest. Good communication skills, good knowledge of the subject, Ability to be well versed with the concepts of pathology will be helpful. Proper knowledge to train the students and provide guidance to them is given at most priority.

Job profile of Pathologist

  • The key responsibility of a pathologist is to have good knowledge of pathology subject.
  • Pathologist can work with number of scientist and with research and development team
  • The key responsibility of a pathologist is to study the blood and urine samples on the patients
  • The key responsibility of a pathologist is to work with council of doctors.

Salary Range for Pathologist

The starting salary of the pathologist starts from Rs 10,000-15,000 per month. It also goes on increasing with the increase in the experience, post and position.

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