Pharmacy is the most challenging discipline of science but is also a lifetime career. Those opting for this course have number of career opportunities in hand. This is termed as one of the fastest growing areas of science. A graduate in this discipline will be helpful. Pharmacy doesn't need a PG or a PHD in the same discipline. Pharmacy deals with the study of medicines. This field is very vast . Colleges and universities also offer this course. The pay scale varies with the variation in the industry standards. This is the most challenging profession in India.


Desired candidates should have minimum 10+2 in medical or non-medical stream. Later, you can take admissions in the respective colleges and universities. The graduates can complete B pharmacy, D pharmacy and M pharmacy from recognized university or institution.

How to become Pharmacist

On completion of M-pharmacy will give you number of options to carry forward your profession. You can join multinational organizations and various institutions to become the Pharmacy technician. Generally, most Pharmacists require the completion of A-level with the subjects like:-Biology, Maths and Physics. Students and candidates are given required training and recruitment. Colleges and universities help students to get what they want.

Job profile of Pharmacist

Providing medicines on doctor’s advice. Checking for the doctor’s prescription Suggesting new medicines and ointments to the doctors and specialist. Making medicine budgets and assuring their effects and side-effects. Providing and prescribing new vaccines and drugs Discussing treatments and supervising the work.

Salary Range for Pharmacist

The salary given to the new comers or freshers starts from Rs 12,000-15,000. It exceeds with the increase in the experience and position. You can work as lecturer or in various multinational organizations. The pay pocket exceeds till Rs 70,000 a month.

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