Psychologist deals with the study of physical functions of the brain.. Physiology degree can be taken from number of colleges and institutes. Physiology offers a wider biological picture of healthcare areas. A graduate in medicine, with the Pg in the same field and a Phd in the required areas will also do. A Psychology degree holder can work with Hospitals, clinics and various government and non-government sectors. You can also work as:- A science writer, school teacher, scientist, clinical research associate and there are various other professions. Colleges and universities provide placement strategies to help people or students to get the best job opportunities in well known areas. The individual who is an expertise in this discipline is said to be a Psychologist.


To be a psychologist, an MA or MSC in psychology will be helpful after graduation. Psychologist should be very well equipped with the master’s and doctoral level of studies. This provides and helps an individual to do what is desired. An Mphil in the same profession will also be very helpful.

How to become Psychologist

A graduation in Psychology is relevantly a three year program. It requires good interpersonal skills, good communication skills and ability to work with all types of social and cultural groups is foremost essential. This field people have wider range of specialized branches to deal with and study.

Job profile of Psychologist

It deals with solving problems arising due to the mental illness. A graduate and a Pg degree in Psychology will be better. Job opportunities in this field are tremendous. You can be a career or vocational counselor, School Psychologists, Counselor, Genetics counselor, Forensic Psychologists, Engineering Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Industrial –organizational Psychologists, Special education teacher and Sports Psychologists. These Psychologists work on solving the issues and providing the better options in resolving them. A Psychologist can gain salary as per industry standards. Good analyzing skills, strong interpersonal skills, good analyzing power with efficient communication skills are essential skills needed to be a Psychologist.

Salary Range for Psychologist

The starting pay scale of a Psychologist includes 40,000 Rs per month. It goes on increasing with the increase in experience.

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