An oncologist is a person who deals with tumors and cancer. Oncology is a very important branch of science. This discipline is very essential branch of which is used to rectify and detect cancerous cells. An Oncologist is paid very high. A bachelor’s degree in medicine with 3 years of training and a PG in this field are very essential to be an Oncologist. A radiation oncologist is responsible for the medication, surgery and taking care of the cancer patients. An Oncologist requires good communication skills, problem-solving skills and taking tough and hard decisions at times.


The basic eligibility criterion to become a radiation oncologist is to take BSC or MBBS stream. To appear in BSC stream all you are supposed to do is specialization in Physics subject. Candidates interested to pursue their career in this profession are supposed to pass entrance examinations conducted by the month of July and June. After the completion of your graduation degree course you can join post graduate degree courses in India.

How to become Radiation Oncologist

After doing PG in this profession, you can join hospitals and Clinics. You will have to undergo training in this profession and then you can be a radiation Oncologist.

Job profile of Radiation Oncologist

A radiation Oncologist is specialized in various areas of private and public hospitals. You are supposed to work in the Chemotherapy process. There are plenty of opportunities in this profession for the new comers. They can work as:-Medical radiation Physicist, Radiation oncology nurse, social worker and in the educational sectors.

Salary Range for Radiation Oncologist

A radiation oncologist can get Rs 25,000 as a starting salary.As the experience increases, the pay scale one can get is Rs. 90,000, and Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 80,000 per month.

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