This is the heart and soul of the medical sciences. This discipline has number of job opportunities as freshers and as experienced. The radiography experts are responsible to produce high quality radio images to the patients. The radiography surgeons are responsible for delivering the radiography treatments to diagnose and treat various diseases such as tumors and cancers. They are paid very high. They work with council of doctors and surgeons. A bachelor’s degree in medicine will be beneficial along with the training and internships will also do. This is the most advanced branch of science and requires people with advanced skills and techniques for this profession.


A BSC in radiography, BSC honors in medical technology will be helpful. This requires 10+2 education in the same stream. A PG in the same discipline, such as master’s or a PHd in the same profession will be very helpful. Candidates should have passed 10+2 exam with equivalent marks.

How to become Radiographer

Upon clearing of the examination, you can take direct examinations in number of reputed colleges and universities. Skills needed to be a radiographer area confident personality, strong determination and will to study hard and work, a spirit of teamwork, ability to work 24*7 etc.

Job profile of Radiographer

Radiography is the best alternative to diagnose and treat a disease via X-ray, CT scan, ultrasound and various other treatments. Radiography has been very vital in testing and detecting of various body ailments. This branch of medicine, requires very detailed study and knowledge of almost each and every discipline. Radiography is very effective in treating and finding of various diseases like;- Cancer, ulcers and also tumors. Highly skilled and professional people are needed in this discipline.

Salary Range for Radiographer

The skilled people and expertise can start with the starting salary of Rs 6000 and it goes on increase with the increase in experience and position. The people in this profession can work as self employed or with the council of doctors and with various health care units.

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