An excise inspector is responsible to include and supervise other types of goods and catch faulty goods and services. An excise inspector is a much respected discipline in India. An excise inspector is said is selected only by passing civil services examination. An excise inspector is the most loved profession in India. It comprises of two units IRS( Customs and central excise)service and IRS (Income tax). This is said to be the highly paid profession in India. Entering the civil services examinations provides you with number of job opportunities and high profile jobs. This job provides you with the various opportunities that you are supposed to do. This is said to be the highly respected discipline in India . You can work with various reputed firms that can be government, private and public. The key responsibilities and roles are many in this discipline. Willing to work in different areas, taking and handling of tasks, maintaining appropriate work flow. A good spirit to cop up with the hard situations is also very necessary.


A graduate degree in any stream will be very helpful. The age must be 21 years on 1st of August. To be eligible for this stream, the candidate must be a citizen of India.

How to become Excise Inspector

Filling of application form from any post offices is the first step. There are preliminary exams that had to be given. It includes two papers, Paper1 and Paper 2. Those who get qualified have to appear for the final exam. The next step is to face interviews. Interviews consist of two test, mental ability and personality test. Then after this, they are given training and then are posted in the various organizations.

Job profile of Excise Inspector

An IRS officer is responsible to take care of law and order, traffic control regulations, accident prevention strategies and various other areas. They have other duties to perform that involves:-Railway policing, drug trafficking, smuggling and deal with various other management.

Salary Range for Excise Inspector

The IRS officers are given a pay-scale of Rs 40,000 as their starting salary. The salary gets hiked with the increase in the position and experience. They can also earn Rs 60,000 to Rs 90,000 a month.

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