Income tax officers are specialized agents that take care of all your law enforcement strategies. Income tax officers are said to be the most strict and honest officers. They take care of ensuring and protecting of your financial assets. They work legally for the organisation’s perspectives. They are said to apply all laws and regulations in India. The income tax officers work in various departments. Pursuing law can be the best option to go ahead with this career. They can work in different areas and parts of India.


A bachelor’s degree in the public account will be helpful. The bachelor’s degree can be in any profession like:- law, income tax, accounts and various other subjects. Cracking the civil services examinations will also be very helpful. The income tax officer is the best position and one of the best jobs that have been known in India. This job is said to be the highly paid professions in India.

How to become Income Tax Officer

After cracking all these exams, you are supposed to work in cracking the interviews and group discussions. A management degree in the same profession will also be very helpful. This profession is the toughest profession in India. But, once you get into this, your life will be fully established.

Job profile of Income Tax Officer

An Income tax officer will be working in the following discipline:

  • Directorate of taxes: You will be working in the collection of taxes and related areas. Verifying the accounts of the individuals is also the essential part. You are supposed to implement exemptions and various other taxes.
  • Directorate of appeals: Here, you are supposed to look at the merits and demerits of the cases.Auditing work is also done here.
  • Directorate of investigation: You are supposed to work on the investigation of black money in India. You will have to work on implementing raids of various subjects. You will also be working with central board of India. You can also work to encourage people to work to pay taxes.

Salary Range for Income Tax Officer

The pay pocket to the income tax officers includes Rs 80,000 per month.

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