An assistant is said to be the most supportive and administrative person in the government sector. Assistant is the only individual who is concerned with each and every clerical work in India. They can work in various departments and organizations. Personal assistants are in very demand theses days. They are paid as per the industry standards. Assistant has to be active and has to work 24*7 to provide the best services . A PA is deliberately very energetic and enthusiastic in nature. He is responsible for management and maintenance of office work.


A bachelor’s degree in various subjects is the first and foremost priority. A PG in any discipline will be every helpful. There are various skills required like:-Good interpersonal skills , organizational skills, administrative skills and good communication skills.

How to become Assistant

Good administrative knowledge and IT literate people are required. Previous office work and experience also counts.

Job profile of Assistant

As an assistant you can work as a trainer, answering telephone calls, making and management of workflow, doing clerical work, organizing and arranging the meetings, scheduling tasks, assigning duties and responsibilities and performing the administrative work. As an assistant you can work in hospitals, government sectors, financial sectors , law firms etc.

Salary Range for Assistant

The pay pocket given to them is Rs 10,000 as their starting salary. The pay scale given to the experienced personnel is comparatively very high. The pay scale depends upon the experience.

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