An electrician is the individual who has got lot of career options to choose from. They can enter in Aerospace industry, Chemical industry, Construction industry, Defence industry, Electronics industry, Fast moving consumer goods industry, Marine industry, Materials and metals industry, Oil and gas industry, Pharmaceuticals industry, Power generation industry, Rail industry, Telecoms, Utilities industry. This is one of the fastest growing streams in India. Electrical engineers are valued everywhere. An Electrician is the 2nd most option selected by the students as their stream of interest. They are also very well paid. An electrician can also work on establishing and developing technology in the electronic devices. Electricians can work with various stream professionals. Various colleges and universities also provide this vocational course for the students.


The eligibility criterion to become an electrician is the bachelor’s degree in the electrical discipline. And most electrician contractors require a license in the same discipline.

How to become Electrician

Having license in the same stream will also do. Experience also counts. Excellent oral and written communication is very helpful. Good interpersonal skills and good analytic skills are essential. Having good knowledge of computer application will also be very helpful. Ability to use various equipments and tools is the prime important skills needed to become an electrician. Signal generator and design techniques are also vital.

Job profile of Electrician

  • Designing and developing of various instruments and electrical devices
  • Ability to communicate with the other members of the group is the essential factor.
  • They work on various projects and as the client’s demands.
  • Maintenance and management of various electrical devices is the most needed element for an electrician.
  • Working on various electronic projects is the key responsibility.
  • Working as a team worker Making right electrical fittings.

Salary Range for Electrician

The pay scale ranges from Rs 800 to Rs 50,000 for the freshers. The pay scale increases with the increase in the experience and position.

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