Plumbers are responsible to install and maintain good plumbing fixtures. They are responsible to work for the installation and repairing of water pipes, appliances and electrical equipments. A plumber should have good aptitude, high mechanical skills, good knowledge of the electrical devices and ability to work 24*7. The most important element in this sector is that a formal education may not be required, most plumbers can work as apprentices and become licensed by their state. There are various institutes in India that provide the certified courses to the students. There are 10+2 colleges that provide and impart the skills and techniques that are needed to become a Plumber.


There is education required to become a plumber. Students can take this as a course of interest to all. This is the most challenging profession in India. This is one of the most rewarding professions in India.

How to become Plumber

Students can start from any certified programs in India. There are various certified institutes that provide training courses in India. They help in imparting technical knowledge to the students. Doing a post graduation in the same discipline will also be very helpful.

Job profile of Plumber

  • The job responsibility of a plumber is to maintain plumbing fixtures like bathtubs, sinks and showers for residential and commercial units.
  • The job responsibility of a plumber is to install electronic equipments and various devices and appliances.
  • The job responsibility of a plumber is to turn and perform the operations and maintenance of wall openings and key holes.
  • The job responsibility of a plumber is work as team coordinator.

Salary Range for Plumber

The starting salary given to the Plumber starts from Rs 5000-6000 per month. It further goes on increasing with the increase in the work and experience. This is the most skillful profession in India.

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