This is the most important profession in India, as this profession opens door for number of other job opportunities in India. This profession is also available for the average students. Welder is the most important job aspect in India and is practiced in many parts of India. Appearing for this profession one has to very skillful and meet the requirements of all the clients. Colleges and universities also provide this profession in the primary and secondary stages. This is also given as a vocational subject for many college students. The pay scale given to the student varies with the increase in experience and post.


There is no specific eligibility criterion to be a welder. This stream or profession can be entered without any eligibility criteria. A higher secondary degree in 10+2 stream will be sufficient. The age limit of an individual should be 18 years and above.

How to become Welder

By acquiring the basic knowledge of the welder stream, one can take this stream as a profession of interest. People entering this stream need strong firm and determination to learn the general aspects and knowledge about the same stream. There are various certified institutes that provide the young students with the good job opportunities in this stream. Some universities also conduct entrance tests and examinations to enter the institutes. A three year diploma in the same profession is also made available to the students.

Job profile of Welder

  • The key responsibility of the welder is to link one bond to the other and give them a durable strength to the infrastructures.
  • The key responsibility is to work as a team member.
  • The key responsibility is to analyze engineering drawing concepts.
  • The key responsibility is to work with different types of metals and weld them.
  • The key responsibility is to cut and join the metals and work with them.

Salary Range for Welder

The freshers are given a starting salary of Rs 4000 till 8000. It goes on increasing with the increase in position and experience.

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