This is a career with number of job opportunities for the students. The jobs in web designing are made easily available even after the recession continues. The graphic designers require good designing skills, knowledge of computer graphics and good conceptual skills. The graphic designers are paid Rs 15000-20000 as their starting salary or pay scale. It goes on with the increase in experience. Colleges and universities also promote this field or course of interest for the freshers. A graphic designer has to think in the visual way. A bachelor’s degree in graphic designing will do or a certified course in graphic designing will also help.


To be a web designers designer, you should have a 10+2 in any equivalent stream. A degree or diploma in web designing after will be helpful. Web designing is a very creative field and a profession. People need to add innovation and art in the same profession. Designing of various types of websites and introducing graphical elements with creativity is very essential.

How to become Web Designer

After giving 10+2 examination, you are suppose to work on the taking a bachelor’s degree in the same field. A degree or a diploma will also be very helpful. This is the advanced profession and field of creativity. You can work in various areas or other profession people. For this, you can directly take admissions in the respective colleges and institutes.

Job profile of Web Designer

  • Creativity and innovation are important elements.
  • Knowledge of CAD will be very helpful in designing.
  • Working on Adobe Photoshop and various other designing tools is also required.
  • Understanding client’s demands and wishes
  • Working with skilled professionals and other designers.
  • Selecting appropriate designing tools is essential.
  • Experimenting with new technologies and ideas every time will be beneficial.

Salary Range for Web Designer

Salary given to web designer starts from Rs 20,000 and it goes on increasing with the increase in experience and creativity. The creative people and innovative individuals are highly welcomed.

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