Choosing the right career is option difficult. In India, parents are actively involved in decision making of right career for their kids. There are some professions are in demand and some are not. The most popular professions in India are doctor, engineer, and lawyer. These professions offer better salary and career growth.

The Indian economy is booming, creating a whole lot of new jobs every year. In this age, most students get placement offers much before they pass out of college. A good offer will certainly leave everyone happy, as money is the main driving force behind a career. If your job offer is high paying, its much less likely you will reject it. Here we list some of the more popular and well paid careers in India.

MBA: A Master of Business Administration course is one of the best career options since it offers great placement opportunities. If you are one of the lucky ones to be passing out through an “A” Class institution, then an offer of 700000 - 900000 INR a year can be expected. While the salaries differ from industry to industry, an MBA degree will still get you some of the highest paying jobs in the country.

IT Sector: Over the last 10-15 years, the Indian IT sector has undergone massive growth. This is most certainly one of the more lucrative careers available, and a skilled professional can make very good money indeed. Top positions in software project teams, or other high ranking positions can earn you over 800000-900000 INR every year.

Airline Industry: The airline industry in India has been going through a lot of change. The demand for quickly travelling across the country has increased, which has led to a rise in number of airlines and flights. Due to this, there is a lack of new and good pilots. Salaries for pilots of both cargo and passenger planes can earn over 7000000-9000000 INR a year. New pilots and engineers on deck earn between 4000000 to 5000000 INR a year while stewards and stewardesses also earn a pretty good 400000-600000 INR a year.

CA: Chartered accounts make boatloads of money. Every company, organization however big or small, require someone to manage and maintain their finances. A love for numbers is a must. A good fresher salary for CAs are 400000-5000000 INR a year.

Medicine: A career in healthcare is considered one of the most prestigious careers in India. Students choose to specialize in various fields after their 12th class itself. An average doctor can earn over 300000 INR during internship. After a few years of experience, a family practitioner can expect to make over 500000 INR a year or if you are a surgeon, easily 500000 to 600000 INR a year.

Other than the above mentioned careers, there are many other job options in India which are equally well paying and satisfying.

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