It is an interdisciplinary source of profession. Library science deals with the practices, and tools of management,education, and other areas to libraries; the collection, organization and collection of information resources; and the political economy in any academy . This career is mostly for those who are well in the management field. Library science also offers post in the form of a library information assistant. A library assistant provides information and also provides knowledge to the students about the books and they provide answers to the questions of all the students. Librarian can work in various organizations, industries, colleges and universities. Librarian is the most essential person in the library holding the key authority to manage and maintain huge stuffs.A library assistant is the most essential individual in the library


Graduates are needed for this profession. You should have a MA or MSC degree or diploma in the same profession. This also requires the specific subject knowledge in various industries and organizations. Interpersonal skills, good communication skills, flexibility and doing a great amount of academic work is essential.

How to become Library Information Assistant

Librarians should have all those eligibilities that are required . They can then join large or big multinational organizations and industries. They are work in the following area:-

  • They can work in Public, Private and Government libraries,
  • They can work in universities too,
  •  They can work in News agencies and organisations,
  • They can work in private organisations and special libraries,
  • They can work in Photo and television libraries,
  • They can work in Information centres/documentation centres,
  • They can work in Companies and organisations with large information handling requirements,
  • They can work in Museums and galleries,
  • They can work in which have reading rooms and research facilities,
  • They can work in Law library/Special library, etc.

Job profile of Library Information Assistant

You have to only work in flexible time hours of work. The scope of work areas is also very wide.

Salary Range for Library Information Assistant

The salary ranges from Rs 15,000-30,000 per month.

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