If you love to work on the past history, then field is meant especially for you. An archivist is responsible to work out on briefing all the hidden aspects of the past. He is the only person, responsible to carry, maintain and collect the hidden past information and present it in the form of proof and evidences. An archivist is the soul head of tracing the ancient data. He is liable to keep traces of all records and reliable memories from the past. There are various universities that provide this profession as a profession of interest for the students and history lovers. Their pay scale starts from Rs 20,000-25,000 per month.


The basic eligibility criteria to become an archivist is 10+2 education . There is no specific age requirement to be an archivist.

How to become Archivist

To become an archivist, individuals need to have a bachelor’s degree in various subjects like:-History, Latin, anthropology, law, politics and economics. People can also have a Post graduation in these subjects which is very helpful. Knowledge of different subjects like:- Management, Museum, databases and gallery is also very essential. People of all ages can enter this profession. After the completion of your Post graduation in these subjects, you can then join Private or Public organizations. You can work as an Appraisal, Archivist, Photographic Archivist etc. This is a very lucrative profession for the individuals.

Job profile of Archivist

  • The key responsibility of an archivist is to collect and manage the historical data.
  • The key responsibility of an archivist is to provide valuable information to the organizations and companies.
  • The key responsibility of an archivist is to keep record of all the past things and antiques.
  • The key responsibility of an archivist is to maintain portfolios and keep traces of all the goods and valuables.

Salary Range for Archivist

The salary given to an archivist starts from Rs 20,000 per month. This further goes on increasing with the increase in the experience and position.

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