A lecturer is referred to the teaching professional in colleges and various educational institutes. A lecturer teaches a graduate and PG students in the colleges and institutes. A lecture is said to impart knowledge in various areas of education. A lecturer is the soul and head of a college. He teaches and imparts a sense of ability and aptitude in the students. A lecturer conducts practicals, seminars, laboratory experiments, and conducts demonstrations. A lecturer is said to be the administrative head in the college. The pay pocket given to a lecturer starts from Rs 15000-2000 and it exceeds with the increase in the position and experience.


Different colleges and universities have different eligibility criteria. Some colleges ask for a bachelor’s degree in specialized disciplines. Some ask for a master’s degree while some ask for a PHD in the respected discipline.

How to become Lecturer

After taking graduation and PG education, you can apply in the colleges and various universities. These colleges and universities help an individual to grow and enhance their strategies and techniques to teach interactively and effectively to all the students.

Job profile of Lecturer

  • Conducting and delivering lectures and tutorials;
  • He has to managing and supervising staff
  • He is responsible for setting exam paper & marking examinations;
  • Motivating people and installing positive thoughts and assigning duties.
  • He is responsible for innovating and developing new ways of teaching
  • He is responsible for writing up research and preparing for its publication;
  • Developing interactive educational syllabus.
  • Designing new tactics for teaching courses.
  • Arranging for cultural programs/festivals & conducting effective communication sessions.

Salary Range for Lecturer

The starting pay-scale given to a fresher is Rs 10,000 and gradually it becomes Rs 15000-2000 and it exceeds with the increase in the position and experience.

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