Due to the emergence of foreign languages in India, the work of a interpreter is very high. This field offers number of opportunities for the newly arrived students and for the experienced ones. The interpreters and interpreters are nowadays given very importance. Many universities in India have started this course as a field of interest for the students. Either you can work as a freelancer interpreter or interpreter, the choice is yours. You can also work as:- Fundraising Coordinator, Historical Site Guide, Historian, Human Resources Specialist, , International Aid Director, Industrial Relations Consultant, International Brand Strategist, Interpreter, International Development Worker, Journalist, Legal Aid Worker, Lobbyist, Librarian, Linguist, Media Correspondent, Photographer, Professor, Lawyer, Public Policy Analyst, Public Relations Representative, Publisher, Recruiter, Politician, Researcher, Retail Strategist, Social Program Director, Marketing Director, Speech Coach, Non-Profit Organization Director, Market Researcher and a UN representative.


To become a interpreter, you should have willed to learn the art and science of getting acquainted with the dynamics of foreign languages in India. There are various foreign languages in India, which you can do while you are doing your schooling. You can also do this after your graduation and Post graduation.

How to become Translator

To become a interpreter you need to have the brief knowledge of various foreign languages in India. You also need to clear the examinations conducted by various institutes in India. There are various levels of examinations that are needed to be cracked. Then you can join various government, private and public firms in India.

Job profile of Translator

  • The job responsibility of a interpreter is to work on documents, manuals and perform legal work.
  • The job responsibility of a interpreter is to deal with various community people.
  • The job responsibility of a interpreter is to work with reputed firms and organization.
  • The job responsibility of a interpreter is to work with various educational institutes.
  • The job responsibility of a interpreter is to work as a member representative of our country.

Salary Range for Translator

The starting salary given to the interpreter is Rs 20,000-25,000Rs. It goes on increasing with the increase in the experience and also depends on the work that is performed. You can work with various multinational organization.

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