Referee or umpire is said to be the most lucrative career options in India. A referee Is responsible to conduct smooth and efficient flow of cricket strategies. A referee provides and gives his judgments to resolve conflicts and deal in resolving conflicts. Referees are said to be vital to promote safety and encourage good sportsmanship spirit. A referee is the most important person in the field. Excellent knowledge of the sports and the game is required and good administrative skills are also required. They are said to encourage sportsmanship spirit in India. There earning starts from USD 25,000-70,000. Their salary goes on increasing every year.


A high school diploma in this stream will be helpful. Most of the employment sectors ask for the bachelor’s degree in the same profession. Aspiring candidates can go with the same option. But, there is no educational requirement in this profession. People who have played games at the national and international level are given preference.

How to become Referee

Most of the employment sectors require only certified people. Taking certified courses from various reputed firms and institutes will be very helpful. Referees require lot of skills and abilities to make judgments. Good communication skills, knowledge of different types of sports and games, physical fitness are also required. To become a referee students should attend the classroom teachings and should pass the written and oral examinations.

Job profile of Referee

  • The key role of a referee is to make judgments.
  • The key role will also be to increase the team spirit.
  • Working in groups and coordinating activities.
  • The key role of a referee is to increase the sportsmanship spirit in varieties of games.
  • The key role of a referee is to maintain and solving problems of games.
  • Working as a team leader.
  • Carrying out various games events.
  • Promoting the number of game activities to the young generations.

Salary Range for Referee

The pay scale given to the referee depends upon the industry standards. They are said to earn USD 25,000-70,000. Their salaries go on increasing every year.

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