This profession requires skilled and technical experts to work for the video recording and editing section. The key role of video recording and editing is to work on delivering the best and good quality product. A video recorder is responsible for editing of the programs and voice recording strategies. There are enormous job opportunities provided to the freshers and experienced. A good sense of digital technology, knowledge of computer software and tools and high quality of digitization are all sorts of qualities needed to be in this profession. Certified courses and institutes promote this course as a course of interest. A VJ should be an enthusiastic person with good personality and sufficient entertainment skills.


An individual can opt for this profession in the undergraduate level. A bachelor’s degree in the same discipline is not essential. Certified courses will be very helpful. This is the most lucrative career.

How to become Video Jockey

Having a base or bachelor’s degree in mass media will be very helpful. You need to have excellent body language, good command in various languages, knowledge of various music and dance styles, ability to work harder, strong determination and flexibility to travel are all sorts of essential qualities as a VJ.

Job profile of Video Jockey

  • Ability to work at any time.
  • Bringing good concepts and innovation in the work.
  • Anchoring done should be very attractive.
  • Able to write new scripts.
  • They have to lend voices in various advertisements and programs.
  • Updated with the latest frequency modulation techniques.
  • Working in groups and conducting various activities.
  • Arranging of various events and programs

Salary Range for Video Jockey

The pay scale depends on the industry or organizational standards. It further increases with the increase in the pay scale and experience. This is the most rewarding career one want to enter.

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