Music is the soul of the body. Music offers varieties of job opportunities for the candidates and can work as Arranger, producer, orchestrates, composer, film scorer/composer, jingle writer, songwriter, transcribers, copyist, conductor, MIDI technician, programmer, performing synthesist, sound designer, Film composer, music editor, music supervisor/director, film arranger/adapter, film conductor, synthesis specialist, theme specialist, Composer, jingle writer, lyricist, singer/performing songwriter, staff or freelance songwriter. There are high industry standard positions given to the musicians.


As a musician you can start from the undergraduate option. A diploma in musician will be very helpful. A bachelor’s degree in any equivalent subject will be very beneficial. This is said to be the most lucrative and rewarding career option to go with.

How to become Musician

Students taking a bachelor’s degree in music therapy will be very useful. Various reputed music academies provide music education for the students. To enter this profession, students who are interested to take this career option can work on training and internship strategies for the students. There is no limitation on the age criteria for the students. People of all the ages can enter this profession. Students can take certified courses from various institutes and can join reputed firms and organizations or can arrange for the live bands or orchestra.

Job profile of Musician

  • The key responsibility of a musician is to develop creativity and art of listening and enjoying music.
  • The key responsibility of a musician is to arrange for the camps and arrange orchestra.
  • The key responsibility of a musician is to provide an outlet for arranging listening good music and songs.
  • The key responsibility of a musician is to work as a team member and coordinate various activities and events.
  • The key responsibility of a musician is to provide soft and soothing music to all the listeners.

Salary Range for Musician

The starting salary given to the musicians starts from Rs 10,000-12,000 per month. It goes on increasing with the experience and the position.

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