A screenplay writer is molded in the art of writing various screenplays and other plays. He can write for various films, television, comic, videogames and programs. He is termed as a freelancer artist. He can work the way he wants to work. Screenplayers are not recruited or hired they are contacted on the freelancing basis. Screenplay artists are required in various talented academies and bollywood . This profession is very lucrative and opens doors for many interesting career options in India. The pay scale given to them is as per the industry standards. Screenplayers are very talented pool of professionals. They work day and night to give their best to the industry


To become a screenplayer, there is no such educational qualification required to enter this profession. But, generally a bachelor’s degree in mass media and communication will be very helpful. People from different professions can take admissions in this stream.

How to become Screenplay Writer

There are various universities and colleges that take entrance examinations to get admissions in Bachelor’s of art in mass media. Even after cracking entrance test you are required to submit the required documents that are very essential during admission procedures. A degree in BA of media and communications will be very helpful. You can also do a Post graduation in mass communications that will be very helpful. A screenplayer has got the art and magic to catch a viewer with his stories and writing skills.

Job profile of Screenplay Writer

  • The key responsibility of a screenplayer is to present new creations and stories.
  • The key responsibility of a screenplayer is to give the best concept and project the ideas in a very favorable and easy manner.
  • The key responsibility of a screenplayer is to live upto the viewer’s expectations.
  • The key responsibility of a screenplayer is conduct and to conduct the stories in the beautiful form.
  • The key responsibility of a screenplayer is work as team coordinator.

Salary Range for Screenplay Writer

The starting salary given to the screenplayer is as per the industry standards. It is not fixed it goes on variation with the newcomers and experienced. Freelancers are given as per their projects and on the basis of the new concepts and stories.

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