Hydrologists are involved in the preservation of water in India. They are responsible to protect and preserve the environment. Colleges and universities also provide this course as a course of interest for all the students. Hydrologist are responsible in maintaining the sustainability of water and water resources. Educational qualifications are various to enter this stream. The students can work with various organisations and MNcs. Their pay scale starts from Rs 8000 per month.


As such there is no specific requirement. Undergraduates, passing the 10+2 examination can apply with various subjects such as:- environmental science, ecology, social science, civil engineering etc.

How to become Hydrologist

A PG in the same profession will also be very helpful. Candidates need various skills and techniques. These are as follows:

  • Good technical knowledge.
  • Key project management skills.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Firm commitment and determination towards your work.
  • Good IT programming skills and techniques to handle tuff situations.
  • Flexible work approach.

Job profile of Hydrologist

As a hydrologist, you can work in various consultancy firms and multinational organizations. Here you are supposed to work in the following key areas:

  • They can work in analysing the effect of environmental changes on water flow.
  • They can work in examination of various factors like:- acidity, nitrate levels and various other factors.
  • They can work in making and maintaining of liaising with specialists and clients.
  • Working as a team.
  • They can work in providing feedback to the various firms and organizations.
  • Evaluation of data and various other techniques to model water resources in India.
  • Making new researches and developments.
  • Hydrologists also perform the auditing work and calculation of various water resource systems of India.
  • Hydrologists also work on maintaining the efficiency of databases.

Salary Range for Hydrologist

The pay scale varies with the variation in the post and experience.

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