In the recent years, there has been a tremendous increase in this area. This subject is the vocational subject in class 12th. Schools, colleges and various institutes also offer this subject as the subject of interest for the students. With the subject as statistics you can enter any discipline. The statistic subject is meant to perform analysis and research and development and calculations on mathematical aspects. The scope of this subject is getting wider. A bachelor’s degree in the same profession will also be helpful. A master’s degree can also be useful to enter any spectrum.


The eligibility criterion to be a Statistician is the MA in the statistics. A bachelor’s degree in the same subject will also do. A PG in the same profession will also be very helpful. Reputed colleges and universities ask for 50% marks in the 10+2 stream.

How to become Statistician

There are various subjects that have to be studied. These subjects include:- Data analysis, Demography, Statistical methods, Social statistics, Database management, Actuarial science etc. These subjects will help to become a statistician. There are number of job opportunities in the same profession. This field requires and invites number of experienced professionals and Statistician.

Job profile of Statistician

There are various key opportunities and roles which a Statistician has to perform:-

  • Managing and maintenance of databases
  • Studying of various mathematical concepts
  • Good interpersonal skills and decision making skills
  • Working with the team members
  • Carrying out financial assessments very effectively
  • Managing various statistical databases of the organizations.

Salary Range for Statistician

With this profession, people can work with different professionals. They can work in various organizations and in various educational institutes. This profession welcomes new comers and freshers. The pay scale starts from Rs 8000 and exceeds till Rs 50,000. It further increases with the increase in experience and position.

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