Due to the emergence of foreign languages in India, the work of a Stenographer is very high. This field offers number of opportunities for the newly arrived students and for the experienced ones. The Stenographer is termed as a translator and interpreter and are nowadays given very importance. Many universities in India have started this course as a field of interest for the students. Either you can work as a freelancer Stenographer, translator or interpreter, the choice is yours. You can also work as:- Diplomat, Editor, Entrepreneur, Industrial Relations Consultant, International Aid Director, International Brand Strategist, International Development Worker, Interpreter, Journalist, Lawyer, Legal Aid Worker, Librarian, Linguist, Lobbyist, Market Researcher, Marketing Director, Media Correspondent, Non-Profit Organization Director, Photographer, Politician, Professor, Public Policy Analyst, Public Relations Representative, Publisher, Recruiter, Researcher, Retail Strategist, Social Program Director, Speech Coach and a UN representative.


Graduates having the knowledge of the word processing and transcript programming knowledge will be beneficial. 10+2 education will be very helpful. Students are taught about the working of instruments and techniques for enhancing the transcription process. Various courses and certified programs help an individual to become the professional stenographers.

How to become Stenographer

Seeking admissions in the reputed institutes will be very helpful. The course requires the completion of about 33 months. Various internship strategies will be very helpful. Training programs also help the individuals to get the best of all. There are various employment facilities also provided to the students. This profession is the hard-working profession in India.

Job profile of Stenographer

A stenographer requires good concentration skills and concentration skills. The Stenographer has to translate the language into the coded form. Stenographers are most likely need to work in courts and various other areas. Stenographers have to translate each and every word into the languages that are most predominantly defined. There are lots of career opportunities in this profession. They can work in various government and non-government organizations

Salary Range for Stenographer

The pay role of the stenographers starts from Rs 10,000 and exceeds upto Rs 15,000. The freshers can get a salary of Rs 8000 per month.

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