A food critic is responsible to give the give the opinion about the food items such as :-Coffee, tea, cakes and cookies. A food critic is also a food writer who is responsible to have the tactics and knack for writing and giving reviews about the food and food items. There are various colleges and institutes that provide this course as a course of interest for all the students. To become a food critic, people should a good knowledge of the basic elements of food items. . This profession has number of job opportunities for the freshers and also for the experienced. The pay scale given to them starts from Rs 8000. A food critic can work with different hotels and restaurants.


According to the super chefs, the food critics generally start from their kitchens. Most of the food critic can complete their education while they are working . They generally start from the primary stage of their life. They can work in many hotels and restaurants, bakery, food stalls etc.

How to become Food Critic

Some food critics complete their certified courses in fooding while others can opt study while they are working. A certified course in the same profession will increase the number of job chances for the chefs. There are various subjects taught in this profession, some of these are:- Food preparation, Nutrition and hygiene, safety and sanitation etc. The food critics are the people who are very well versed with the concepts of writing and fooding.

Job profile of Food Critic

  • To create and provide reviews about the food items.
  • Management of food departments.
  • Working in teams as a team member.
  • Coordinating in various tasks.
  • Managing and maintaining the quality of food.
  • Food critics are required to work long hours and at irregular intervals.
  • Maintaining and providing reviews about the hygiene and taste.

Salary Range for Food Critic

The salary ranges with the range in their position and experience. The new comers get their starting salary as Rs 8000 till 25,000Rs. It further exceeds in the position and experience.

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