A baker is the person responsible to handle and bake food items such as:-Cookies, biscuits and breads and various types of recipes and variety of food items. They are said to be highly innovative and skilled group of personnel who entirely believe in innovation and quality standard. They are responsible to bring innovation and maintain taste and food quality. They are also responsible to bring temp to the taste of food and bring new techniques and concepts in the food items. There are various colleges and institutes that provide this course as a course of interest for all the students. The pay scale given in this profession is as per the industry standards.


To become a baker, students should have a bachelor’s degree in the same profession. A Post graduation in the same field of food will also be very helpful. Students having interest to cook and innovate things in this profession are highly welcomed. People who innovate and cook delicious food are known as chefs.

How to become Baker

A diploma in food is very helpful along with many certified courses will be the additional advantage. Students get to have knowledge on this subject from the college days. Students are also taught this subject in their colleges. It is included in the stream Home science. Students can take this as a profession of interest. Good communication skills, good knowledge of the subject, Good cooking skills, Ability to innovate and maintain the taste and quality of the food will be surplus advantage to enter this profession. Proper knowledge to train the students and provide guidance to them is given at most priority.

Job profile of Baker

  • The key responsibility of a baker is to have good knowledge of cooking and food techniques.
  • The key responsibility of a baker is to maintain the taste and quality of food item.
  • The key responsibility of a baker is to work on innovation and develop techniques to present the food in delicious form.
  • The key responsibility of a baker is to work on presenting wider variety of food items and create something new.

Salary Range for Baker

The starting salary of the baker starts from Rs 20,000-25,000 per month. It also goes on increasing with the increase in the experience, post and position

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