The immune system is considered as the central system to rectify various diseases and disorders. The study of immunology provides the framework for the examination of various disorders and diseases that are arising in the body. Here, understanding the cellular and key aspects of the immune system is very essential. Immunologist is considered as one of the challenging professions in India. A brief study of immune system will be very helpful in India. Immunologist can be self-employed or can also work with the council of ministers to promote and establish a healthy society for today’s generation. Immunologists aim to cure diseases like:-allergy, rectification of diseases and various body ailments.


In order to become an immunologist, a person should have a M.D or D.O degree . There should be the completion of a four year residency in the same profession. People can also have a 3 year practice in the same profession. The immunologist must then pass an oral and written examination. The written exam comprises of a full day research on the relevant topics. The oral exams also include assessing the actual examination through verbal skills.

How to become Immunologist

A bachelor’s degree in medicine takes around 4 years with 4 years in the medicine profession. It also takes around 8 years to practice this profession. The total duration of this stream is total 8 years with 2 years of practice.

Job profile of Immunologist

  • The key responsibility of an immunologist is work on solving the health problems of all and to provide solutions for various health disorders.
  • The key responsibility of an immunologist is to perform treatment and analysis on various health issues.
  • The key responsibility of an immunologist is to incorporate medical treatment for the all the patients and accordingly undergo surgeries.
  • The key responsibility of an immunologist is to work on the different methods and new techniques to solve the problems such as:-allergy, cancers and various other problems.

Salary Range for Immunologist

They are said to be self employed people and can work with council of doctors and Physicians. They can work in health care units, hospitals and Clinics. They are also said to be self employed people. An immunologist can earn Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 as their starting salary.

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