A person interested in studying the behavior of teeth, gums and other cavity related diseases is what dentistry talks about. Providing regular tooth clean and providing tooth cleanups are all the functions of a dentists. A bachelor’s degree in this field will also do. This is the most wanted profession by all the science discipline students. A dentist can have strong monthly income. Colleges and universities too offer this profession. This is considered to be the most flexible profession in terms of timings and schedules. A dentist can work with other hospitals, clinics and can also be self employed.


The eligibility to become a dentist should require 10+2 education with atleast 60%. Clearing of the entrance examinations is also another eligibility criterion.

How to become Dental Surgeon

Admissions to various colleges and universities after clearing the entrance examination will be helpful. An individual can then take admission in the respective college. A dentist should have strong communication skills, should work 24*7, strong academic skills are also essential, firm determination and strong interpersonal skills are also must. A dentist can work with the council of ministers or can be self employed. Various government and non-government firms also provide vacancies for the students.

Job profile of Dental Surgeon

  • The key responsibility of a dentist is to examine tooth and gum problems.
  • The key responsibility of a dentist is to maintain patient’s record.
  • The key responsibility of a dentist is to recruit and train new staff.
  • The key responsibility of a dentist is to conduct various tooth care camps in rural areas.
  • The key responsibility of a dentist is to market new medicines for the students having dental problems.

Salary Range for Dental Surgeon

The salary given to the new comers in this profession varies from Rs 10,000 and exceeds with the increase in position and experience.

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