The Institution of Engineers conducts The Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers (AMIE) Program / Examination. AMIE (Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers) is an option for those students who cannot take up an engineering degree course through a regular course in an engineering college.


For Technician Members: A Candidate can directly become Technician Member if he / she has a minimum qualification of a pass in the Standard XII Examination (45% minimum aggregate).

For Senior Technician Membership:

For selection as a Senior Technician Member candidates must satisfy the following conditions:

  • A minimum age of 18 years on the date of application.
  • He / she should be an engineer by profession working under a Corporate Member or a person qualified to be elected as a Corporate Member. The candidate should also be striving to acquire the qualifications for Corporate Membership (temporary unemployment is not an impediment to being elected).
  • The candidate should have passed a diploma examination in engineering or technology or its equivalent recognised by the Council, or an examination recognised by the Council as exempting from passing Section A of the Institution of Engineers examination in the non-diploma stream.


The exam is offered in two sections Section A and Section B. Section A is common for all candidates. In section B candidate can choose a particular discipline of engineering program. Sections A & B examinations of the institution are held twice a year, generally in June and in December and are termed as summer and winter examinations respectively. The exams are independently designed for two streams i.e. Diploma stream (senior technician members) and non diploma stream (technician members).

Subjects in section A examination are :

A. Diploma stream

  •  Engineering Mathematics
  •  Material Science
  •  Elements of Electrical Engineering and Electronics
  • Elements of Computer Science
  • Society, Environment and Engineering

B. Non – diploma stream

  •  Mathematics I
  •  Mathematics II
  •  Engineering Drawing and Graphics
  •  Electrical Science
  •  Mechanical Science
  •  Natural Science
  •  Material Science and Processes
  •  Fundamentals of Electronics and Instrumentation
  • Computer System and Data Analysis
  •  Engineering, Environment and Society

AMIE Section B Examination : After section A, the student has to complete a project work over a period of one year and only on the basis of satisfactory professional competence report, he / she will be admitted to appear for the section b examination.

This consists of 10 papers of which 7 are compulsory and 3 optional. Currently, the following branches of engineering are covered :

Chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and communications engineering, mechanical engineering, metallurgical and material science engineering, mining engineering, production engineering, textile engineering.


Each paper is 3 hours long. The maximum number of papers a candidate can appear at a time is:

Section A : 4 papers

Section B : 4 papers

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