Theatre is the biggest asset deprived from Sanskrit theatre. Acting, dance and drama has been playing the crucial role in developing skills and talents of an individual since, years. These three elements are considered as the hidden language of a soul. Theatres spreaded in India as an essential form of entertainment.

Acting: A work use to portray a character or imbibe life into a character. It includes storytelling, singing and play. The history of acting dates back in 1954’s Central institution of theatre establishment. Till then, the field of acting has shown signs of improvements and vacancies with the establishment of National school of drama. The acting schools have shown a net profit of Rs. 150 billion increase till date. This field had always welcomed new talents, artists and faces. An interesting field to go by as a career option.

Dance: A type involving rhythmic moves and movements. This is also known as a non-verbal communication by humans. Representing social and ethical values since years, this field has been traced 9000 years back. Many different forms of dances have been cultivated till date. Currently, India has huge choreographers, dance coaches and teachers are working to impart dance values to the dancers. N number of institutes and academies have been opened to teach dance moves and movements.

Drama: To interpret an action, is a drama. Drama is a combination of music and dance together. Drama was started in the 1st century BC to portray a framework of lord Vishnu. Engrossing ideas, values, traditions and innovation this field talks more about the theater and art. A field lovable for all artist lovers.