Art is the form of magic that exists in every individual. Indian art represents the visual art form like painting, drawing, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, crafts, printmaking, photography, design, film making, video, and architecture. Indian art form is all about presenting traditions and rich cultural heritage. Both modern and traditional forms of designs are beautifully embossed in the Indian history.

Indian art includes literature, paintings, jewellery, music, dance, theatre, sculpture, cinema, radio and television. Every field is a monopoly of an individual character and life. Every field is acknowledge with talent, creativity and innovation. Those interested in this field can easily adopt this. Indian art represents a vast story of each and every expression over space and time. Indian history is also accredited with many talented artists who have contributed a lot for their social well-being.

Indian art is highly influenced with styles and traditions. Various colleges in India are also promoting students to expand their talents, ideas, creativity and innovation. Arts colleges promote the use of B.A or M.A courses. Graduate and PG architectural courses are also promoted in the different regions of India. While, primary and secondary schools are also given art education. Nearly, 1600 colleges in India provide art education to all. The under-graduate eligibility test assures 50% marks in 10th standard and then admission can be taken in the respective colleges. This field whole-heatedly welcomes new minds and creators. Pay-scales are as per the industry standards. But, more of innovation and enhancing identity of an individual.